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We can begin #NormalisingNaturism by claiming locations where being clothes-free makes sense: beaches, pools, parks, your own yard, etc. & in suitable weather.🌞

We can continue #NormalizingNaturism in other places like the workplace, etc. later.πŸ˜‡

I posted this picture on my Twitter account yesterday marking my first anniversary of posting my first naked selfie with my face. It empowered me to show others the real me. I believe if more nudists/naturists would do as I did. The "stigma" of being seen naked would disappear--just like tattoos and piercings. Join me in showing nudism is natural.

Before spending time with family on Christmas, I enjoyed some naked time, and I wish I could have gone nude all day...it was warm enough in Kansas.

Interested in the lifestyle? Join me and others over at earthnaturists.com @earthnaturists@twitter.com

Why Join Earth Naturists? Well this site is different than other websites which are mostly full of perverts.

Just wanted to say hi to everyone and thank @t3dus for setting this site up...πŸ‘

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