I got naked at work today for charity! One of my co workers snapped this photo of me as I leaned over the back of the couch to grab my cellphone which was on charge!! I thought I would show you guys!! Xx

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend! Lazy Sunday afternoon naked for me! Xx

Hi everyone. I fell off my bicycle in the summer, hitting my pubic mound on the handle bars and landing on the road on my hip. I’ve had physio twice a month ever since to aid my recovery and I still suffer with tightness and pain in my hip. During my physio sessions my physio conducts a thorough assessment of my hips to track my recovery, often taking reference photos for my file. I had a session today and these photos were taken of my hips and pubic area; I thought I would share them with you.

Busy week for me! I’ve only now having the chance to spend some time naked (outside of sleeping, I ALWAYS sleep naked!) now time to enjoy wine naked infront of some friends!!

Part 2 of the photos taken of my friend Sally during her medical examination screening for joining the Air Force! Very thorough!! Anyone want me to post more shots from her medical?! Zara x

Grainy, poor quality iPhone 4 burst shots of me pulling my thong knickers off for the first time I got completely naked infront of a group of my friends! It was my birthday and I decided to celebrate naked! It was a fantastic, liberating, empowering experience!! X

Flashback to some photos I took of my friend Clara back in the summer! We spent a day naked outside in the sunshine and she let me take a few photos of her! It was a fun day! Here’s a couple of my favourite shots from the day! Can’t wait for next summer! Zara x

When your drunk friend only just makes it through the door before stripping off naked and passing out in the hallway! Don't worry, I helped her into bed after I took this shot lol! Sorry Anna! xx

My journey into the discovery of organised meditation and relaxation sessions started at college; I was very stressed in my last year and a tutor offered to give me some relax and meditation sessions. I discovered the power and restorative energy of gentle meditation and relaxation, enhanced further by removing my clothes which just seemed to happen naturally.My boyfriend at the time accompanied me to one of the sessions to observe and he took this photo of me mid session with a shaved bald vag

Hi guys! I’m very lucky that my place of work runs a physical conditioning programme once a month which provides advice and knowledge on fitness, staying healthy and conditioning the body to stay fit and healthy! Here’s a photo of me naked from this mornings session, waiting for the weigh-in and general physical well-being check up! Photo taken by a trusted Colleague 😊

Here's a lovely photo of my hairy vagina that was once again taken during the massage and meditation class I attend. It was taken as I was standing up, silent with my eyes closed and drifting into a wonderful state of relaxation whilst naked in front of the group; allowing them to see, study and appreciate every inch of my naked body considerably heightens the experience for me and I thank them for allowing me to strip off completely naked for the session x

Here’s another photo taken of me during the meditation, stretching and light yoga class that I attend. As I have mentioned before, the class wholeheartedly embraces my wish to be naked during the session and supports and encourages me to do this; it’s an amazing privilege and experience for me, my senses are heightened by being naked!

Here’s another photo of me taken during a gentle stretching and meditation class that I attend; it’s wonderful that the inclusive and non judgemental vibe of the group enables me to enjoy this time and experience completely naked!

This is me waiting to start a gently stretching and meditation class; the class is a non-judgemental environment and embraces my wish to be naked!

hiya, new to the site and keen to make contacts and say hello!

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