Normalising Nudism

You don't have to be naked to normalize it

You may have heard of it. Or seen it online as .

And yes, the British s in Normalising pops up everywhere.

A great naturist/nudist friend of mine,Nevada Motojicho, wrote: "You don't always have to be naked to normalize it." (Follow the link to find him on MeWe or look for him on Twitter.)

That struck a chord with me that spar

Do you know we're now closer to 2050 than to 1990?

Members of please remember to mark media containing nudity as sensitive so our instance doesn't get blocked by other instances in the fediverse.

Thank You.

Good morning community.
About to go out again, into the cold. Someone thought up that we should have winter. This is wrong.

Icy windshield, here I come.

This is such a stupid winter... It's too cold to be naked but at times it feels too warm for clothes

Have you heard of Mastodon?

Live Laugh Nude

I know. This image doesn't look like much. It's a browser tab. The initiated have already figured that out.

This is the tab where my "Live Laugh Nude" Mastodon-account lives. The link here is an invite link. Feel free to click, even if you're just curious. There are no obligations.

What is 'Mastodon'?

Mastodon is an open source, c

And so I found myself thinking about fairies

Fairies? Yes. Fairies.

Human-style fairy

Why that?

Well, it's that writer brain acting up again. I know, it can be a nuisance, popping up at the most inappropriate times hahaha.

But I really thought about them. What are they? From where do they come? And, you probably wonder, what does this have to do with naturism? Well, hang in there,

- despite the many people who want us to stay dressed, we dress the way we were born.

2020. A new year. A new nudity?

Year. Where time flies.

January 1st, 2020. Almost exactly 7 years ago I started this blog/website/internet thing. I had no idea what I was getting into. Now I do and I'm glad I got off the ground, in the air, out there, whatever you want to call it.

I am happy and proud that this site provides some services to so many naturists, nudists, naked enthusiasts and nude-cu

Hi @t3dus , I just added your site to the nudism-blog page.
Have a good newd year!

Consider: on July 1977 the Voyager 1 Computer Command System was turned on and had never been turned off.

At ~13 billion miles from earth, it is not only the farthest computer system it is the longest running.

It will continue running for 1000s of years.

Every body is beautiful. Dump the current 'beauty' idea. It sucks and is unrealistic.

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