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I'd love it if more folks would subscribe to my photography newsletter and blog at

is like the blackhole of the internet. You can post endless amounts of content there but nobody ever bothers replying, liking or boosting your posts.

Does anybody even communicate on mastodon? Waste of time if u ask me.

We took the kids sledding today. They had a fun time.

Well I got the Prius stuck today proving this car is pretty useless in the snow. Doesn't have the balls to spin it free. We had to push it out after doing some digging.

Time to get tires on my 4x4 truck.

The roads aren't great today due to all the snow storms we have had here in Iowa lately so I decided to stay home from work today. Better safe than sorry.

Here is a photo of the roads this morning when I did try to leave the house.

I brought back our old Earth Naturists forum at I sort of like it better than my new format at

Tonight the family ate at the local Mexican restaurant

Members of please remember to mark media containing nudity as sensitive so our instance doesn't get blocked by other instances in the fediverse.

Thank You.

The Chiefs are going to the Super Bowl! Only been 50 years, 8 days, 17 hrs since they were there last. 😲 #Chiefs #SuperBowl #SuperBowlLIV

Nudist here from South Africa how does this work!? Me enjoying the freedom of the outdoors!

Next release of Mastodon will allow admins to post important announcements to their users, and yes, those are reactions


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