is like the blackhole of the internet. You can post endless amounts of content there but nobody ever bothers replying, liking or boosting your posts.

Does anybody even communicate on mastodon? Waste of time if u ask me.


Weird, it's pretty much the opposite experience for me.

@fribbledom maybe cuz you are on the "parent" Mastodon instance.


Hm, with the exception of the local timeline, that shouldn't make a big difference... or at least that's what I would imagine. I may be totally wrong, of course 😂

@t3dus Have a boost, just cause I feel the same sometimes. It takes time to be "well-connected" and if you ever change location then "fuck you, your back on square one again" 😣

@t3dus An interesting thing I've found is that my photos get more random likes from diaspora* users, possibly due to the relay system on that network.

@sunfun Yeah. If we had more active people on our instance it wouldn't be a big deal.

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