Tried to update to v3.1.0rc2 but all that resulted is in a broken instance with 500 errors.

I wish mastodon had some better support articles about how to upgrade but they only give u bits and pieces and expect you to know it all. Not helpful.

My supervisor at work had 6 of these radios ordered & wants us to use them to communicate at times. Sort of a fun idea though not secure as anybody can listen in.

Windshield going spread like a bitch. Likely right where I look through too Looks like a known issue on 's part. Have I mentioned I really hate Microsoft and their shit products?

isn't working today. I guess that means my co-workers won't be able to pester me. Oh the bad luck!

Sometimes if u want something done you have to do it yourself. Been needing to uninstall from PC's at work for over a month and Kennedy has apparently been too busy to do it.

Hyper-V has been stuck like this since yesterday. I guess I should hit cancel and try again?

Well I got the Prius stuck today proving this car is pretty useless in the snow. Doesn't have the balls to spin it free. We had to push it out after doing some digging.

Time to get tires on my 4x4 truck.

The roads aren't great today due to all the snow storms we have had here in Iowa lately so I decided to stay home from work today. Better safe than sorry.

Here is a photo of the roads this morning when I did try to leave the house.

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