New stand up desk converter has arrived. Just set it up with my monitor and stuff. Will take some getting used to if I actually decide to use it for standing some of the day.

Decided to clone for now. I may reformat if it doesn't help.

Need to buy a newer version of as well but I'm too cheap.

If you ever met me irl there are two things you may notice about me.

1. I enjoy being nude & am not ashamed to be seen nude.
2. I'm and own a .
Feel free to boost.

Anybody on Twitter know what kind of wood pipe this is? Trying to hook up my wood stove and doesn't seem to have what I need.

Photo of my ex-wife. She was pretty open about flashing her breasts or going topless in public to pose for me. I sort of miss those days.

Brought home a new wood stove for my shop today. Took 4 guys to unload this heavy beast.

Amazing. I wish my family was this open about nudity and could spend time together dressed in this manner.



I think I forgot to mention I posted the dash cam video of this accident at go check it out and leave a comment if you like.


Icy as hell. Just watched this van smack the side of the first bus.


I removed the junk gutter to replace the rotted fascia. Just finished covering all the wood with metal. Next goal is to replace all the gutters on the house though probably won't happen until spring.


Join like at and leave behind platforms like , and who tend to or those who post or share !

Photo below is showing he's not ashamed!


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