I see quite a few members are still using . Would anybody be interested in making a donation if I was to keep the website running?

I suggest that members of that want to continue to use move to another instance.

You can export and import your follower list to the new instance as well.

Anybody a of ? I'm looking to add extra features to but I'm not a .

Btw folks. is more than just a instance for nudists. It's also about networking. making friends. We don't really restrict what topics can be discussed here so if u want to talk tech, go for it.

This instance is pretty dead. I decided to create an account at @t3dus so I can post about tech stuff and maybe see more of .

instance simply hasn't discovered much of the fediverse yet.

I'll still post here as well. Mostly stuff.

Members of please remember to mark media containing nudity as sensitive so our instance doesn't get blocked by other instances in the fediverse.

Thank You.

Decided to ditch my single user mastodon instance. While the idea was grand, it ended up being boring as fuck and just an extra monthly expense.

If doesn't pick up I may give up on this idea eventually too.

members please remember the rules of this instance when posting nudity. I've had a few people report images that contain untagged nudity. livelaughnude.com/about/more

members if you have full frontal nudity in your header image then please remove it and upload a new image.

Avatars are public and may upset other instances in the Fediverse.

Hey guys, please follow my single user instance at @matt

I'm not deleting however I may use that other profile for personal posts in the future.

#1 reason is when people visit t3dus.me they will be redirected to my profile & can easily find me.

NakedZara has been deleted from . The profile was deemed a fake.

Here at Live Laugh Nude we do not allow folks like this to join our instance.

This profile was removed from our instance.

Hey fediverse. I'm looking for moderators to help me here at livelaughnude.com

If interested send me a DM and we can discuss the position.

Enabled Trending now feature. You're welcome. 😂

Clearing cached images from remote servers that are over 7 days old freed up 11.2 gb of space.

Considering moving to a new host that offers better storage options without breaking the bank however I'm not exactly sure the best way to do this.

Noticed we have a lot of users at Live Laugh Nude that have never made 1 single post, changed their avatar, let alone log into the site in over a month.

Wonder why. 🤔

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