Clearing cached images from remote servers that are over 7 days old freed up 11.2 gb of space.

Considering moving to a new host that offers better storage options without breaking the bank however I'm not exactly sure the best way to do this.

Noticed we have a lot of users at Live Laugh Nude that have never made 1 single post, changed their avatar, let alone log into the site in over a month.

Wonder why. 🤔

The server running ran out of disk space. Don't be surprised if the server crashes again until I can sort out why the server drive is full already.

Going to plan another attempt to update this instance to version 3.0.1.

I just don't have a set date or time yet in mind. :superman:

Tried to update to v.3.0.1 but that failed and riddled the instance with 500 errors.

I reverted to a backup I made prior. Will wait until later to attempt this again.

Starting to add some domains to the block list so porn doesn't show up in our feeds.

Right now I have added: and in "silence" mode which means if u don't follow those instances they won't show up in your feed.

I may block them outright in the future.

My name is Matt, I work as a & own a company. Interests include: four-wheelers, cars, PC's, websites and . I've been a since I was a child & always uphold values in a non-sexual manner. Visit to learn more about me & read my personal .

My goal @ is to create a community which allows and values.

Do you want to assist with tracking on my various websites and documenting them?

If so please register at and get started today!

Users are unable to see number of favorites a post has without expanding the post.

Bug Tracker:

Congrats to @bsbnaked! He been promoted to a moderator here on

Brad is also a moderator on as well.

Did you know that you can still have a public profile here but restrict who can see certain posts?

Pretty neat feature!

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