If you would like to see this instance left afloat please donate at paypal.me/t3dus

I see quite a few members are still using . Would anybody be interested in making a donation if I was to keep the website running?

If folks were interested in donating to keep LLN alive I would so so but only if.

So you want to try that shiny new Linux distribution. Or maybe 20 of them. Before you spend the time, bandwidth and drive space downloading and installing them, take 'em for a quick test on your browser. ANY browser -- even the one on your phone.


@igeljaeger I use windows 10 for work and gaming. That's about it. Linux otherwise.

My Mastodon instance “Live Laugh Nude” that started as a safe haven for nudists to escape the grasp of twitter is going to be shutdown on 3/1/2020. Despite all my efforts to convert nudists to use Mastodon instead of Twitter it seems that the majority of nudists would rather stick to Twitter where they constantly have their accounts banned, censored or worst deleted entirely. It brings me great sadness to announce this to my members of Live Laugh Nude but I simply can’t keep spending money to keep this server alive when it’s not getting much use.


I suggest that members of that want to continue to use move to another instance.

You can export and import your follower list to the new instance as well.

Sadly, I need to cut back on bills so I plan to terminate this mastodon instance on 3/1/2020.

This instance never really took off as most nudists seem to prefer to be on twitter and have their accounts repeatedly deleted or censored.

For the time being I plan to keep @matt up and running.

Had a great time last week in Thailand. Visited first resort. Was shocked to find out that are the 80% customers to these resorts across Thailand.

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