I want to get into taking #boudoir, #artistic nude and creative #nude photography for my clients.

This is a self portrait I took to test some lighting that I could use on a client. #photooftheday #nudist #selfportrait #portrait

permanently set all media I tweet as "sensitive". Annoying as fuck, debating leaving twitter.

@Linux4Everyone I didn't see a link to download without paying. I'll look again.

Facebook Stock Got Hammered Because the FTC Plans App Crackdown

On Thursday, The Wall Street Journal reported that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is preparing a potential injunction against Facebook. The agency claims that Facebook’s efforts to regulate apps have stifled competition and given unfair advantage to Facebook’s own products.


#deletefacebook #privacy

@Linux4Everyone $39 no thanks. Looks like it's another distribution based off Ubuntu.

And just like that, Mastodon is taken seriously and gets a decent writeup that that doesn't treat it like a side show, or say that it's "crumbling." theverge.com/2019/12/12/210125

@sunfun I had a pc repair business but I haven't ran it for the last 6 years. Considering rebuilding it because photography isn't panning out.

Need to double down on getting my son's senior photos taken this weekend. They are due next Friday apparently.

Naked Bakers on Twitter and Patreon are lit. How come when I had nudity on Patreon though I got warnings of being banned. twitter.com/NakedBakers/status

@fatboy I consistently forget how to use VIM and resort to nano.

Should of drove my truck today so I could drop by Menards to get parts for my wood stove. I need to get that installed as it's only going to be colder next week.

@mikeb I wish it wasn't illegal to do so here in the states.

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