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Black Friday is just a day where Retailers show you how much they rip you off for 364 days of the year.

Looking forward to a good night's sleep tonight. Only got about 30 mins sleep last night due to .

At this family Thanksgiving event. Good food. Some people are leaving already.

Clearing cached images from remote servers that are over 7 days old freed up 11.2 gb of space.


For the next three days you can sign up for 50% off on a 30 day subscription to my page!

Considering moving to a new host that offers better storage options without breaking the bank however I'm not exactly sure the best way to do this.

Apparently I'm in the top 25% of all creators on . Lets see if we can get that number higher.

Will be making some unique content once I get my wood stove going in my shop which I hope to do real soon.

has came out with a "GoLive" feature. I may have to test this out soon once I get my wood stove going in my shop.

Closed my DMs on twitter. Sick of all the creepy and perverted messages I get from mostly men who don't understand that I'm straight or simply send me photos of their dick.

Every single day it never fails.

freezes up while trying to clock in. May have to switch back to which never freezes.

Brought home a new wood stove for my shop today. Took 4 guys to unload this heavy beast.

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