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That feeling when your own mom mentions your nudes. Makes me wonder if she secretly has seen my nudes I post online & just not told me. 😂

Need to plan on better food for lunch at work besides pizza rolls. 🙄

It's & if you follow me then I will follow you back!

Anybody a of ? I'm looking to add extra features to but I'm not a .

I see all these instances with custom features added and I'm sitting here like "how the fuck did they do that?"

Well, one good thing that came out of coronavirus: Every chinese person is wearing masks, and guess which technology exactly doesn't really like the fact that all of china are wearing masks? I give you one try.

Btw folks. is more than just a instance for nudists. It's also about networking. making friends. We don't really restrict what topics can be discussed here so if u want to talk tech, go for it.

We just spent a couple of days at a great nudist holiday spot/caravan/camping ground. It was so nice to not be concerned about clothing at all - other than sun protection. Socialising with other nudists around the pool with a few chilled wines. Wonderful.

Off to the gym. Happy Freeball Friday y’all. (Or at least my interpretation of it)

All passwords are two part authentication if you never remember your password

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