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Congress, NCP, Shiv Sena and BJP are all the same party helping each other out whenever needed. Don't be surprised with the drama they have been playing for decades....

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Feeling depressed send cute pics of the back and front of your credit card

Brendan Eich created JavaScript while he was working at Netscape. After Internet Explorer killed Netscape, he co-founded Mozilla and restarted the browser wars to take down Internet Explorer with Firefox. Several years later, when Google dominated the web with Chrome, Eich created Brave to fundamentally change the economics of the internet.


If we can kill just like that, half of India's parliament will be dead.😆

I was worried before. Maybe BJP started to fix the economy. Glad to know they don't even understand it.

I am among those who are waiting and watching for this economy to go bust. Maybe the citizens will wake-up then.

Movie The Report 2019, is actually a propoganda movie. They use 10% of truth and try to sell 90% of lies with it. Basically trying very hard to mark Bush gov as good guys and convincing 911 was a terror attack. Both of it is total BS. Haha.

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Read: Letter sent to states: GST Council rings first alarm bells on revenue
Remember the MIDNIGHT celebration of LAUNCH of taxation system? Central Govt can't compensate the States for shortfall in revenue collection!

But, let's make sure Rahul Bajaj dare doesn't open his mouth.

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So we now have a few petitions for speedy justice after another girl was brutally and murdered.
It is talked about only cause it happened in a non ruled state.
The accused have a specific religion.
The incident happened in a metro city of .

I don't think this incident is more sad. We the citizens have been voting for convicted rapists, murderers and terrorists. They form the most part of our MPs and MLAs.

We all did this to her. 😥

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How did:

🔸Amit Shah's assets jump 3-fold in last 7 years?

🔹His wife Sonal Shah's income grow 16-fold in 5 years?

🔸His son Jay Shah's firms turnover jump 16,000 times in 1 year?

🔹Jay Shah become BCCI Secretary with zero experience?


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Constitution being administered today based on hate : Rajeev Dhavan

A talk in the seminar titled 'The Constitution 2019'

#RajeevDhavan #constitution #democracy #india

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If this is not Grand Theft Entrapment across the seas, I don't know what is. OUTRAGEOUS our tax dollars would be so used to defraud poor folx in India.

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